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Architects and Agile Projects

I just finished watching the video “Agilists and Architects — Allies not Adversaries” that was presented by Martin Fowler and Rebecca Parsons during the...
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Spritle's Blogs Moved To

Today we moved our blogs from to Thought I would also share what steps we did to move WordPress blog to Rails...
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Agile People Managment

Recently, there was one cool discussion in eXtreme Programming yahoo group about “Agile People Management”. Some one raised a question about the concept of...
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Test Your Build, Otherwise Get Rotten By Hitler

One funny video going around in Internet (Youtube) with the title “The downfall of Agile Hitler”. If you haven’t watched it yet, do check...
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Scrum Product BackLog on Google sites

I usually keep the Scrum Product BackLog (PBL) on an Excel sheet and share it across the project members. It has its own pros...
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Elements of Success : Book Review

I recently had a chance to read the book “Elements of Success : Business” authored by KOH SENG CHOON. I have read many books...
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Event: Fallacies of Agile Development – By Venkat Subramaniam

On 20th April 2009, Venkat Subramaniam will speak on Fallacies of Agile Development at Gandhinagar, Adyar, Chennai. For registering your free seat, please visit...
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Chennai Agile Seminar – Cutting Cost Through Agile

Agile Seminar in Chennai
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How to show loading message for AJAX applications?

A simple tip to show a loading message for AJAX oriented application. Simply a wait screen.
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Calling Apache FOP from VB.NET

The code for my earlier post on this topic.
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Some good front-end tools for xml based applications

Readymade tools for xml document exchange
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RSS to google sitemap.xml conveter – using xslt

XSLT based pebble rss to google sitemap format converter.
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