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Digital Healthcare Solutions & Pathology with Dr. Jeevaraj Giridharan

Hey, y’all. Doing great? We do too. Thanks! Hope you all enjoyed reading the last two blogs about Digital Healthcare Solutions and gained the...
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Listen to what Prabakaran M has to say about measuring Heart Rate using Apple watch

‘A healthy heartbeat is a wonderful treat’. Hi guys. Why about heartbeats out of the blue? Because the blog is something related to it...
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Interview with Anesthetist Dr.Raj Sethuraman on Digital Healthcare Solutions

Hi guys, we have a good news. We just kick started a series of webinars on Digital Healthcare solutions, a new unit under our...
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My journey on how to use the Mirth Connect Channel to transfer Healthcare data

Hi everyone, hope all are doing good. I’m here to share my first work experience as a Healthcare Intern at Spritle Software. At first...
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