Great place to learn Scala

Here at Spritle, we are building a Scala team. One of my assignments is to learn it and use frameworks like Play to build...
Karthik A K
38 sec read

Integrate RhoMobile with LungoJS Framwork

Last week, I had the chance to learn about LungoJS. Basically, I am a Rhomobile Developer. So I tried to implement Rhomobile app with...
2 min read

Hash from Arrays – the Ruby way!

Today I came across a really cool method in Ruby’s Hash class. I cannot believe I missed it all these days. Its a class...
Steve Robinson
1 min read

Upgrading Ruby Patch With RVM

I would like to share my knowledge about ruby patch level upgrade. I am using the ruby version 1.9.3 for one of my project...
Prabu D
37 sec read

Create a File with content in oneline – Unix

echo ‘One line content here’ | sudo tee /etc/apache2/filename.txt You can use echo “One line content here’ > filename.txt if the folder is not...
Balaji D Loganathan
5 sec read

Install Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4.0 on Mac OS…

The easiest way is to install XCode Command Line tools and then install ruby 2 via rvm then install rails 4 via gem. Install...
Neelkanth Ram
1 min read

Beginners guide to Docker

We @ Spritle came across this wonderful new tool recently. Although it took time to taste it (atleast to some extent), I soon realized...
Steve Robinson
7 min read

Simple JavaScript templating with jquery-tmpl

When writing applications where you fetch data asynchronously from the server and render it to the user using AJAX you would have to deal...
Steve Robinson
5 min read

Fix for ActiveRecord::ConnectionNotEstablished with acts_as_votable gem (0.5.0) on Rails…

When we were building the app we faced a certain issue with the acts_as_votable gem (~> 0.5.0) with Rails ‘3.0.19’. We got the...
Steve Robinson
1 min read

Built Windows Mobile 6.5 Apps Using RhoMobile Suite 4.0

We successfully managed to build Windows Mobile 6.5.3 apps using RhoMobile 4.0.0.beta.28 suite. Here is what I found on my way.
1 min read

More about observable arrays in Knockoutjs

ObservableArray is a nice way to update a collection in Knockoutjs, if we want to repeat certain UI sections like name of the products...
Surendran Sukumaran
1 min read

Domain name registration using eNom API

One of the most crucial requirements for establishing an online identity is registering a domain name. I came to know about eNom API which...
Prabu D
1 min read