Detecto – Build custom object detection models

Nowadays, Most of the people are crazy about Machine Learning and Computer vision. It does some incredible stuff. Recently, I heard the news about...
karthick Nagarajan
4 min read

2D Multi-Person Pose Estimation using Part Affinity Fields in…

Pose Estimation Hello everyone, did you ever wonder while working out or playing sports if you’re doing it the right way? if this is...
6 min read

Face detection & recognition using OpenCV (ML)

I hope you reached this article since you are interested in learning what is openCV, Face detection, Face recognition. Yes, you are in the...
karthick Nagarajan
3 min read

How to Detect Objects using Tensor Flow Machine Learning

Here is one interesting use-case for Machine Learning and Tensor Flow. I am going to tell you how to identify hardware objects using TensorFlow....
Bala Venkatesh
2 min read

330rd Session: Face Detection Using OpenCV. #spriteXchange

Face ID, Face Detection, Face Unlock - These are the most discussed and controversial topics in the Neural Networks field. Even Google struggling with...
Balaji D Loganathan
44 sec read