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Sachin, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli visited our Spritle’s soft…

Hey Guys! I hope the title makes you keen on reading this blog. Of course, I know everybody wants to meet CRICKET’S God Fathers’...
Dhivya M
1 min read

It’s Earthquake at Spritle’s Soft-Skill Club

Hey guys !!! Another week came with another meeting at Spritle’s soft-skill club. After two interesting topics Time Travel and Christmas, this week Team...
1 min read

Christmas Time at Spritle’s Soft skill club

After our exciting topic about time travel, this week the roles and responsibilities of teams were outlined towards Christmas. Team B picked up the...
Rajeswari K
44 sec read

Do your team really involves in Brainstorm session?

Hi Techies, do your teammates really participate in a Brainstorm session. With my experience, I say that it would be great if every team...
1 min read

Fun begins here, Spritle Merry-making

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. – Simon Sinek Spritle has taken this seriously and we act accordingly. After all a healthy...
Preethi KR
1 min read