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Penetration Test in Healthcare Web Application using ZAP Tool

Healthcare organizations may have technology and procedures in place to prevent data theft, but it’s difficult for organizations to find every security weakness. To...
5 min read

Fresh testing in iPads- Responsive update reloaded

In today’s busy world, the websites are not just viewed on a laptop/desktop but mostly on smartphones/tablets on the move. Especially, when it comes...
Thulasi M
4 min read

How KeenQA can break your code and make you…

Hey Folks, here I would like to share my experience on we revamped and composed ourselves better in our Internal QA process. We keep...
Lakshmi Priya
2 min read

Is Web Analytics Oversold ?

Web Analytics is a universal term, which deals with the study of the impact of a website based on its users. It is the...
Ashwin Sundarabaskar
1 min read

Chennai Agile Seminar – Cutting Cost Through Agile

Agile Seminar in Chennai
Balaji D Loganathan
42 sec read