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Meet the Wonder Women in Tech @Spritle

Yeah, we don’t get to appreciate enough, the contribution of a particular gender in the tech community. Many corporates globally have made strides over...
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UX :: User Research – Strategic Approaches

In today’s digital world the requirement and usage of digital products have increased to unimaginable extent which in turn has given an exponential growth...
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Bindings in Mozilla Browsers

Mozilla browsers provide bindings to achieve certain features like the text-overflow: ellipsis style. XBL(XML Binding Language) provides a way to bind selected elements using...
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Internationalization in Typo3

This is my first blog and I am also learning Typo3. I would like to explain how to add Internationalization support in Typo3. The...
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Graphical representation of data using HighCharts.

In the recent railscasts, Ryan Bates has shown us the usage of Highcharts and some other open-source client-side JavaScript libraries to generate beautiful charts...
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Credit Card Payments using ActiveMerchant and Authorize.net

If you want to integrate Credit Card Payments for a web-applications, check out this blog on working with ActiveMerchant and Authorize.net payment gateways.
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Ruby(RoR) Tip3: Send and Receive JSON

Making a JSON request using jQuery can be sent to a controller in two ways.
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Ruby: Calling Methods in a Module Directly.

Private methods cannot be called directly. If you intend to call a method in a module with the same namespace then module_function () is...
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Quick Snap of Popular Ruby/RoR Blogs – an Extn of Draggable_app – I

We recently published a blog on Drag-n-Drop Web Components using jQuery & Rails. Now we have extended it to dynamically load blogs and tweets...
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Record not found – A simple way to handle it.

Here is a simple tip to handle Record not found exception. I found many programmers uses code like if User.find(33) then do something. If...
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