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Build a real-time location tracking app with HyperTrack &…

Blog about building a real-time location tracking mobile app using HyperTrack and React native.
Sathyapriya S
4 min read

React Native ❤ CodePush

It’s started two years ago, Love with React Native and still it continues. Whenever new app or product enters into our court, we are...
Prabakaran Marimuthu
5 min read

Build a simple video streaming app with OpenTok &…

Challenges with React native app development is growing day by day. We are always ready to accept those challenges and make our development process...
Prabakaran Marimuthu
3 min read

How to Override Hardware Button in Android

Recently we developed an Android app that controls usage of other apps that already installed on a particular device. Example:, we can block listed...
Sathyapriya S
1 min read

Mobile apps testing made easy with Appium Studio

“Appium testing made easy” is an Interactive One-hour Webinar. The Speaker had a great presentation. I got a chance to participate in this webinar....
Lakshmi Priya
1 min read

Integrate Google Ads in Apache Cordova Mobile Apps

I have recently implemented Google Ads for Mobile Application using AdMob by Google in cordova. Google gives nice doc about Google Ads implementations. I...
Praveen Kumar
1 min read

How I Created "WeGotNext" Logo

We Got Next is an app which is specially being made for BasketBall players. Our company is working on creating the actual mobile app...
Dhinakaran B
49 sec read

Integrate’s Crashlytics to a React Native Android App

Recently we had to implement crash logging for a mobile app written in react-native. After looking at different solutions, we decided to settle with...
1 min read

My Experiments on SIP SoftPhone for Android

I wanted to build a simple SPI Softphone for Android and started digging out the possibilities. As you know Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is...
Ranjith Varma
1 min read

Ionic Framework to get a native look for Your…

Recently I came across Ionic Framework, which is really good and has got very nice UI components and integration with angular framework, thought of...
Surendran Sukumaran
14 sec read

Remote Debugging your Hybrid Mobile app

Debugging your Hybrid Mobile application has now become very simple, I use cordova for building Mobile applications, use to test the application in the...
Surendran Sukumaran
1 min read

Comparing GoogleMap and Mapquest Integration on Android

There are many blogs around the web for android and MapQuest implementation, here I am trying to summarize the benefits and drawback of them.
Sivakumar V
2 min read