Capture Image with camera using Arduino & Ultrasonic

I have been in IOT space for quite few months and trying to integrate things with Arduino board, Recently I came across Ultrasonic sensor,...
karthikeyan S
1 min read

Ranorex For Web Application Testing

Web application are playing a vital role in the e-commerce and so on. Testing those web application is not a easy factor. There are...
Vinodini Visvanathan
1 min read

Capture & Embed Image in PDF using Html2canvas

I recently faced a situation where I needed to capture a part of a HTML page and embed it in a PDF file. I...
Surendran Sukumaran
1 min read

Ranorex For Testing Android App

Apps are becoming viral in and around world and smart phones are ruling us , everyone has smartphone and types of smartphones are more...
Vinodini Visvanathan
2 min read

Manual Vs Automated Testing

Hi Folks, I would like to write pros and cons of manual and automated testing from my experience. Recently I have worked with a...
1 min read

Find/Resolve CSS assets precompilation errors

Recently we deployed one of our applications to production and while precompiling the assets we got the error – rake aborted! Sass::SyntaxError: Invalid CSS...
Vinothini B
52 sec read

Creating a Backup Schedule using Backup Gem

It’s always a good idea to back up your database or files at least once everday. It’s very dangerous to run a production server...
Prabu D
1 min read

Managing Test Cases using Zephyr on Atlassian Jira

Maintaining test cases is a big work for testers. Here my folks I would like to share with you one of the best ideas...
Vinodini Visvanathan
2 min read

Autocomplete Search Using typeahead.js

Typeahead.js one of the Autocomplete search plugin inspired by For our project, we had similar requirement to show suggestions based on the search...
Priyavarshini K
1 min read

Getting started with Modernizr

What is It? Modernizr is an open-source JavaScript library that makes it easy for web designers to support different levels of experiences, based on...
Saravanan S
1 min read

Animations with Angular js

In this post I would like to share my experience on trying to do animations with AngularJS and how I managed to finally get...
Sairam S
53 sec read

Mounting an S3 Bucket Using FUSE

Have you ever wanted to interact with your Amazon S3 bucket just like how you deal with the directories in the file system without...
Steve Robinson
2 min read