How To Enable MySQL For Remote Access

We started using Qlik Views for our customers and we were in need of connecting to remote MySQL server for Data analytics. By default...
Sivakumar V
1 min read

My Experience in IoT

The IoT field is interesting and many new technologies are being introduced by IoT engineers everyday. There are some projects which we cant even...
karthikeyan S
2 min read

My First Sip With Ruby on Rails Automated Testing

Hi folks, here I am going to share a few points about my experience in Automated software testing. My project is a web app...
1 min read

Implementing invite to app functionality for Facebook and Google…

To invite the friends on facebook and google is difficult in cordova app as it has to support through all the platforms; it is...
Ranjith Varma
1 min read

Rbenv and Cron

In one of my projects, we are using the “whenever” gem for configuring cron. Also we were using Rbenv for Ruby version Management on...
1 min read

Unit testing for AngularJS

I recently wrote unit testing for an AngularJS application. We know AngularJS is one of the most popular front end framework used by developers....
Thirumal S
1 min read

Testing Restful APIs using Airborne gem

Nowadays the importance of Restful APIs has increased a lot for web and mobile apps. Writing API has been made easier and pretty good...
2 min read

Database Backup using

Do you want to take backups of your database and store it in the cloud without having to write a lot of scripts?
Prabu D
51 sec read

Circle CI – Fix for 'git command i returned…

Recently I faced an issue with circle CI related to “Checkout using deploy key”. Initially It was working fine, at one point, I deleted...
Surendran Sukumaran
29 sec read

Auto find Stack overflow links when exception raised in…

When we get exception, we used to search in Google and most of the links will be from stackoverflow. Gem stack_rescue will find links...
Sivakumar V
12 sec read

Hosting FreeGeoIP in your cloud

In the project I’m working on where we sell photos, we had to find out the country of each and every visitor for a...
Steve Robinson
8 min read

Rollbar Integration – Rails app

In this blog we are going to see how to integrate rollbar with rails application. What is Rollbar: Rollbar helps to take control of...
Vinothini B
1 min read