Database Backup using

Do you want to take backups of your database and store it in the cloud without having to write a lot of scripts?
Prabu D
51 sec read

Circle CI – Fix for 'git command i returned…

Recently I faced an issue with circle CI related to “Checkout using deploy key”. Initially It was working fine, at one point, I deleted...
Surendran Sukumaran
29 sec read

Auto find Stack overflow links when exception raised in…

When we get exception, we used to search in Google and most of the links will be from stackoverflow. Gem stack_rescue will find links...
Sivakumar V
12 sec read

Hosting FreeGeoIP in your cloud

In the project I’m working on where we sell photos, we had to find out the country of each and every visitor for a...
Steve Robinson
8 min read

Rollbar Integration – Rails app

In this blog we are going to see how to integrate rollbar with rails application. What is Rollbar: Rollbar helps to take control of...
Vinothini B
1 min read

MongoDB Indexes

In this blog I am going to share my experience and learnings with MongoDb indexes.
Neelkanth Ram
4 min read

Outsourcing Image Processing

One of our clients at Spritle is a startup that sells photos taken at various events. The Rails app we have built and maintaining...
Steve Robinson
4 min read

Android Intent API with RhoMobile

Intents are awesome features loved by every android developer. It makes our work easier. Now RhoMobile 4.1+ wraps this feature and gives it as...
1 min read

How to handle fullcalendar gem

I would like to discuss about full calendar gem in this blog. FullCalendar is a fantastic jQuery plugin that gives you an event calendar...
Vinothini B
2 min read

Tips: Empty A File in Unix Using >

If you want to empty a file’s content in a Unix based system then simply use > like so: $ > /var/log/foo.txt ...
Neelkanth Ram
8 sec read

AngularJS For Mobile Application Development

I have recently started using AngularJS for building hybrid mobile applications. I want to share my experience about how Angular is helpful for creating...
Thirumal S
3 min read

spriteXchange Sessions on Wireshark and Growing Rails Apps in…

Tomorrow we got our next spriteXchange Sessions on Wireshark and Growing Rails Apps in Practice. We got few seats open for visitors as well....
Balaji D Loganathan
6 sec read