Differences between Stored procedures and User Defined Functions

Stored Procedure: A Stored procedure is a set of sql statements with a given name , which is physically stored in database in the...
Nageswar P
1 min read

Bindings in Mozilla Browsers

Mozilla browsers provide bindings to achieve certain features like the text-overflow: ellipsis style. XBL(XML Binding Language) provides a way to bind selected elements using...
Alok Swain
1 min read

Stack Undefined Error in Highcharts Version 2.1.2

Using Highcharts library in application provides best way of manipulating data in terms of various charts. In my rails application, I am using highcharts...
Dhepthi L Narasimhan
25 sec read

Internationalization in Typo3

This is my first blog and I am also learning Typo3. I would like to explain how to add Internationalization support in Typo3. The...
Anjani R
1 min read

Google Map Resize Issue with Version 3

Recently, I came across problem where the Google map was not resizing itself to its container when I select a new location or load...
Dhepthi L Narasimhan
30 sec read

Top Server Choices For Streaming Video

We recently worked on a project that required to us to have online streaming video functionality. This streaming video would be then played by...
Balaji D Loganathan
50 sec read

Ananymous Functions

When I start with ruby i always get confused about ananymous functions. Thanks to functional programming languages it gives me the complete knowledge about...
Prasath Ram
1 min read

Ruby Singleton Methods and Singleton Classes

What is a Singleton method ? A method which belongs to a single object rather than to an entire class and other objects. Before...
Surendran Sukumaran
49 sec read

Control structure using pattern matching like Erlang

During the week end was trying to implement a control structure using pattern matching similar to erlang implementation in ruby Here is my result...
Prasath Ram
43 sec read

Gem swift_db introduction

This blog explains the fundamentals of the gem that I am working on swift_db I named this swift coz i need some something which...
Prasath Ram
50 sec read

ShareYourByte: Presentations available on JQuery and Rails3

With reference to our previous blog post “Open Invitation – Presentation on JQuery and Rails3“, we have kept the copy of the presentations at...
Balaji D Loganathan
12 sec read

Open Invitation – Presentation on JQuery and Rails3

As part of our “ShareYourByte” program, this week we are giving interactive presentations on following topics JQuery by Alok Swain Rails3 Introduction by Surendran...
Balaji D Loganathan
16 sec read