24 pull requests in Tamil

Our team assisted in converting 24pullrequest.com site in to Tamil language.
Karthik A K
13 sec read

Upgrading to Ruby 2.1.0 using rvm

Yaay Ruby 2.10 has been released and here is how to upgrade it using rvm First update rvm lists, so that rvm knows that...
Karthik A K
29 sec read

Calling Rake Task's with in Rake

If you want to call a Rake task within or from other rake files, then the pretty straight-forward, just use it like Rake::Task.invoke. Not...
Balaji D Loganathan
43 sec read

Easy Way To Deploy Motorola SB1 Apps

Deploying apps on SB1 is not straight forward unless you are familiar with Motorola Rapid deployment or your customer is techie. Its not advisable...
Sivakumar V
1 min read

Great place to learn Scala

Here at Spritle, we are building a Scala team. One of my assignments is to learn it and use frameworks like Play to build...
Karthik A K
38 sec read

Integrate RhoMobile with LungoJS Framwork

Last week, I had the chance to learn about LungoJS. Basically, I am a Rhomobile Developer. So I tried to implement Rhomobile app with...
2 min read

Hash from Arrays – the Ruby way!

Today I came across a really cool method in Ruby’s Hash class. I cannot believe I missed it all these days. Its a class...
Steve Robinson
1 min read

Upgrading Ruby Patch With RVM

I would like to share my knowledge about ruby patch level upgrade. I am using the ruby version 1.9.3 for one of my project...
Prabu D
37 sec read

Create a File with content in oneline – Unix

echo ‘One line content here’ | sudo tee /etc/apache2/filename.txt You can use echo “One line content here’ > filename.txt if the folder is not...
Balaji D Loganathan
5 sec read

Install Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4.0 on Mac OS…

The easiest way is to install XCode Command Line tools and then install ruby 2 via rvm then install rails 4 via gem. Install...
Neelkanth Ram
1 min read

Beginners guide to Docker

We @ Spritle came across this wonderful new tool recently. Although it took time to taste it (atleast to some extent), I soon realized...
Steve Robinson
7 min read

Simple JavaScript templating with jquery-tmpl

When writing applications where you fetch data asynchronously from the server and render it to the user using AJAX you would have to deal...
Steve Robinson
5 min read