Building Management Systems

Power up your building and business with the ultimate integration: Introducing Integrated Building Management Systems (BMS), Your All-in-One solution for streamlined control!

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A Giant Leap Into Our Smart BMS

Our panoramic platform for Smart Building Management can mitigate all your strenuous tasks through automation!


Enjoy seamless interoperability with your BMS devices using our advanced BMS platform..


Get valuable insights & optimize your building performance with data-rich reports and analytics.

Full-Width Monitoring

Effortlessly manage all your maintenance tasks with efficient tracking and monitoring system.


Save time and effort with our BMS system's task automation and workflow streamlining.

Centralized Dashboard

Visualize and monitor all critical data and insights in one place with a centralized dashboard.

Mobile App

Stay connected to your building's performance with a customizable mobile app.

How Does Our BMS Work?

Building management needs a combination of cutting-edge technologies and an efficient workforce to make it happen! Our BMS:

  • Monitors all IoT devices
  • Draws reports and data
  • Resolves fault
  • Tracks assets
  • Sends notifications
  • Manages vendors
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Visualize Hundreds of Metrics Into Business Insights

Your business is driven by data. Real-time quantitative analysis helps capitalize on its power. Our data analysts create customized dashboards that deliver:

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Take charge of multiple reports from different aspects to get a holistic perspective.

  • Visualized Analytics

    Leverage analytical data to speed up your decision-making and enhance your services.

Integrated Building Management System

Fall into our highly scalable BMS Services and streamline all your Building Management Operations in a single customizable platform.

Embrace our Integrated platform and say farewell to manual tasks!

Our Niche Solutions

We tailor highly customizable solutions to cater to clients' needs and our niche-specific services expand far across diverse domains.

  • Airports
  • Education
  • Star Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • IT Parks
  • Logistics

Our Treasure Trove of Integrated Building Management Services

Enable our BMS services for efficient and simplified integration to keep your Building Management System intact and comprehensive!

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Customizable Platform

Curate all your Building Management and HVAC sensors on one platform.

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Facilities Management

Track the status of all your assets and facilities with instantaneous inputs.

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Multi-Vendor Management

Manage Building Management Vendors in single portal.

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Fault Management

Automate and manage your building’s fault ticket with ease.

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Third-Party Integration

Integrate any third-party applications of your choice with our services.

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Contingency Plans

Automate crises contingency plans for building management.

Benefits of Implementing BMS

Building Management Systems vary in functionalities and structure. That said, some of the benefits of implementing our futuristic BMS solutions include:

  • Automated fault alerts
  • Connect your IoT sensors
  • Track assets
  • Mobile apps
  • Collaborative teams
  • Reports and analytics

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With the growing tech complexity in building management, explore all our BMS solutions to customize and cost-effectively upscale your BMS!

Why Choose Us?

Integrating Building Management Systems need an intuitive approach and our team at Spritle has the flair to make your journey towards BMS Integration smooth and beneficial!

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