A voicebot can understand your patients

Say goodbye to waiting for your turn, with voicebots why bother! Be it the nurses or immediate healthcare assistance, this voicebot will be at your service.

Why Go For Spritle Voice Bot Solution?

Witness the Next-Gen Patient Experience with our AI Voice Bot.

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Hospital’s experience

Automate Patient health monitoring & more Automate Pre & Post-surgery Calls Automate Appointment Booking.

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Seamlessly sinks within your system Automatic updates at the backend Real-time humanlike support Easy API Integration.

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Smoothly resolve Patient queries Reduce burnouts of your staffs 24/7 healthcare assistance Saves your cost up to 80%.

Voice Bot Patient post-surgery pain handling call for Singapore Eye Hospital

The future is now

It has always been a complex task to make appointments, deal with nurses and do regular check-ups at a hospital, but not anymore.
We at Spritle are there to rush to your rescue by introducing AI Voice Bots.
This would not only speed up the processing in your hospital but also increase efficiency by making all those tasks only one click away from the comfort of your smart devices.

Time for change

  • Voice-bots have started to take over the industry by storm and we Spritle are going to help you make this process even smoother.
  • Customize the Voice Bot according to your Hospital needs. Do not worry about the flow, we take care of them for you.
  • We aim to ensure that you get the best service and we hope that we could play a small yet vital role in Hospital automation.

Why AI voicebots ?

  • Well, given that the worlds moving towards another technological world it’s only natural that the medical field needs to be following in suite.
  • The process of implementing the voice-bot will tremendously improve the accessibility of the patients and also make the process smoother and streamlined.
  • It is estimated that over 47.1% of people find it comfortable to make use of a voice-bot than the usual way.
  • The artificial market for healthcare has grown to 6,662 million dollars making it a hugely viable need in today’s lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

The reason why your hospital requires the Healthcare Conversational Voice bot is due to the simple task of reducing the burden of the nurses by dealing with calls & appointments by making the handling of patients even smoother.
The Healthcare conversational voice bots play a crucial role in patient management by making follow-up calls, pre, and post-surgery calls, check-up calls, and appointment calls. This greatly helps to reduce the stress on the medical staffs and improves remote monitoring.
The Healthcare Conversational Voice Bot helps improve your hospital experience by automating the manual calling process, with seamless implementation of the bot into your existing system. You can reduce a significant percentage in your overall expense spent over manual support. Also, the patient's queries can be handled smoothly without causing any trouble for both the parties.