What I learnt at VodQa – A Meetup For…

In this blog I am going to share my experience at VodQa event that was held in ThoughtWorks on April 21, 2016. The event...
Vinodini Visvanathan
2 min read

Embed Responsive Webpages in a React-Native App

Embedding a responsive website on a mobile app helps us to show dynamic content without the need to go and edit the actual mobile...
Sathyapriya S
44 sec read

UX :: User Research – Strategic Approaches

In today’s digital world the requirement and usage of digital products have increased to unimaginable extent which in turn has given an exponential growth...
3 min read

How I Created "WeGotNext" Logo

We Got Next is an app which is specially being made for BasketBall players. Our company is working on creating the actual mobile app...
Dhinakaran B
49 sec read

Export PDF or HTML from Apiary.io

Apiary.io help you to design, prototype, document and test APIs collaboratively as a team. If you ever want to share the API documentation with...
Balaji D Loganathan
16 sec read

Amazon KMS to manage encryption keys

Amazon has a service named KMS, Which is used to manage your keys, These keys can be used to encrypt/decrypt data encryption keys used...
Surendran Sukumaran
1 min read

Responsive Layout Automation Testing using Galen Framework – Part-I…

Testing a responsive layout in the web pages across different browsers and mobile devices is hard. A web page that contains lots of pages...
Lakshmi Priya
1 min read

Apache Storm

Internal Working of Apache Storm What is Apache Storm ? Apache Storm is one of the best distributed framework for real time processing of...
Ashwin Sundarabaskar
2 min read

Fancy Login screen using React Native

I have been trying to implement a login screen which is attractive and which has a standard and classiness in one of the React...
Ranjith Varma
2 min read

Create Beautiful Charts in iOS using React native

Charts are getting important in our applications day by day , users now prefer diagrammatic representations that looking at a table and understanding the...
Ranjith Varma
1 min read

View RailsCasts Videos on Apple tvOS

This week I tried learning Apple tvOS and thought I would consume the famous RailsCasts videos on it. I kept the source code at...
Romi Susai
45 sec read

Integrate Fabric.io’s Crashlytics to a React Native Android App

Recently we had to implement crash logging for a mobile app written in react-native. After looking at different solutions, we decided to settle with...
1 min read